Welcome to the BLUE CULTURE HUB Portal,

We hope this portal to provide you with the information on current environmental challenges which gradually become more and more part of our daily life as well as with the vision for a transition to a climate-smart society and the achievement of a resilient future for blue growth.

Our effort is to integrate the necessity and the goals of sustainable Blue Development with the seed of the cultural values developed over time in the coastal areas;to make the sea the common beginning of different people with similar experiences and to move forward with the common goal of developing economic activities in balance with the marine environment.

This portal is addressed to scientists, teachers, fishermen, Management Agencies of coastal and marine protected areas, state bodies, local authorities and Environmental, cultural and educational organizations as well as to every concerned citizen.

We hope BLUE CULTURE PORTAL to support the development of a social network with the aim to support initiatives of the civil society for the protection of the bio-environment as a prerequisite for the prosperity of local communities.

The portal was created in the framework of the project “Climate-Smart Coastal Practices for Blue governance”, Acronym: BlueCoast, which was funded by the Interreg IPA CBC Cross-Border Cooperation Program “Greece – Albania 2014 – 2020 ”.